Accidental Bath Magic

As I sat on my couch reading this evening, I found myself feeling drained and headachy, despite it only being nine o’clock and having gotten a full night’s sleep. I decided I would treat myself to a hot bath since either smoking or drinking would mess with my ability to sleep tonight.

I had a gold bubble bar from Lush, given to me by an old friend I’d lost touch and later reconnected with. I tossed it into the bath, figuring (quite pragmatically) that the sheer number of bath products I have acquired over the years necessitated me using something whenever I take a bath.

I read for a little bit, and then decided I’d rather play with the bits of bath bar that hadn’t bubbled away. As I swished around in the tub, playing with bubbles and squishing bits of gold between my fingers, I started to feel more awake and my headache receded. My mind wandered and I started thinking of the various correlations the color gold (and by association, yellow) had for me.

Energy, creativity, wealth. Things that have been lacking to one degree or another in my life lately, but as I played in the bath I felt my energy renewed and ideas flooded my brain. I’m really pleased with the outcome of this adventure, even if I didn’t mean to have it.

This definitely wasn’t intentional, the way I expected to be doing magic– sitting down and focusing, very deliberately moving from one step of the ritual to the next. This was much more exploratory, poking things and seeing what happens, and just being open to feeling things without needing to “prove” anything about them.

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Frigga devotee, Dedicant of Ar nDraiocht Fein

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