When I first started planning where to put my altar, I had my eye on a little corner in my bedroom where I could stick a low table and set my sheepskin in front of it for sitting on.

I set up that little table, and it has my incense burner and some candles, and a little drawer for my stones, matches, etc. I rarely sit there though, at least partially because it feels a little cramped.

The picture above is actually my “accidental” altar/workspace that kind of grew up from a collection of things I found at my local thrift store. The two wooden bowls weren’t super appealing when I first bought them, but a coat of cutting board oil turned them into these gorgeous pieces of art. The stone cup is my water vessel, and the other bottles are mostly for decoration at the moment.

I didn’t intend to use that space this way, and I have to move everything when I need to use that area to cook with, but it seems silly to fight the organic growth of this little spot. I just wish it had some sort of seating– standing in my kitchen gets uncomfortable after a while.

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Frigga devotee, Dedicant of Ar nDraiocht Fein

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