Carving Out Space

So.. this is the altar in my kitchen. It gets shifted around if I need the space for cooking, but it always comes back to this configuration. The weird thing about it, though, is that it grew up almost completely organically this way. The butterfly box holds my Ogham acorns and the peacock book holds my Tarot deck and cloth.

I got most of the pieces in this during a trip to a thrift store, and the other pieces have found their way there over time, but this is pretty much the only setup that will happen here.

I have a couple problems with this– firstly, it doesn’t match the ADF style of altar that they recommend you set up, nor is it particularly comfortable for meditating in front of.

I have a second altar space in my bedroom that I’m going to rearrange to be my ADF altar where I can meditate and do other things, so that’s not a huge problem.

My big question is, what the fuck is this for? It’s clearly for something because it sets itself in this position like iron filings drawn to a magnet, but I have no idea what to do with it. I’ve cast a few spells here, but it’s more of a workspace than a ritual space since I don’t really do much ritual magic.

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Frigga devotee, Dedicant of Ar nDraiocht Fein

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