So, I want to talk about something that I addressed recently on the blog. Specifically, the work with vs. worship question (cause I know no one is sick of that debate).

Earlier, I stated that I would not feel comfortable saying that I worshipped any deity, and that work with would be my go-to phrase.

Well, last night I had my first real interaction with a deity, and it is impressive how much of a difference that makes. Where I was totally fine with “work with” before, now it feels far too distant and, frankly, a bit too late to be establishing that kind of boundary.

I had been cleaning my house, on and off, over the past few days during #ThanksSnobama and quietly mentally dedicating the activity to Frigga in preparation of making some sort of “proper” overture of introduction. I kept putting off actually making the introduction because I felt like the house wasn’t ready yet, and I was nervous.

Apparently, She heard me anyway. I got this very distinct feeling that She liked what I had been doing with the place, but that there was much more work to be done, and that, if I wanted to be a good Keeper of the House, I would absolutely need to learn to cook.

After that, everything just.. fell into place. I took care of most of the nagging little piles around the house, emptied the sink (and have kept it empty!), and made plans to start cooking as soon as I can. I knew it was what She wanted, and I wanted nothing more than to make that happen.

I’m quite comfortable now saying that I worship Frigga. My previous understanding of the word was very inadequate to encompass the actual experience of it. I briefly debated whether I should call myself a devotee or not, but in the end, what am I not doing (or making plans to do) that a devotee would?

I’m very new to this, but devotee isn’t a title of achievement. It’s more of a relationship designator. This feels a bit like an apprenticeship, almost? Like I’m learning from Her and as long as She is my instructor, She has full say over my activities and focus, and I’m 100% okay with that.

She and I are working together, but we are definitely not co-collaborators on a project. I have come to Her as a student seeking a teacher, and She has graciously consented to educate me.

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Frigga devotee, Dedicant of Ar nDraiocht Fein

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