End of January, on to February

If you’ve been following my blog since the new year, you saw my 2016 spread that I laid out on New Year’s Day. For January, it gave me the Vision card: a white owl facing the viewer with wings outstretched, clutching an amethyst in its talons and blindfolded with a red ribbon.

Referring back to my handwritten journal for January, I wrote that “January will be a month of setting things in motion to prepare for the year ahead. New habits, new responsibilities, new ways of handling old difficulties.”

In January, I:

  • learned to read my oracle cards properly
  • established better habits re: spending money
  • made contact with my Lady, Frigga
  • made serious movements towards establishing a hearth culture
  • which will move me forward in my ADF studies
  • set up plans to go to Witches’ Sabbat 2016 and Pantheacon 2017
  • reconnected with my husband, as well as other friends I haven’t seen
  • laid various plans for other, non-pagan aspects of my life

All in all, I think January was a very good month for setting plans in place. I’m trying to take a broad look at 2016 while not letting the details of the everyday slip away. Working with Lady Frigga has steered me in the direction of better house- and time-management. I’m learning to cook and to keep my house from falling apart while I’m buried under schoolwork, as well as removing things from my life that I don’t need to make room for the improvements I want to see.

For February, the card I drew was Intuition: a planchette of birchwood, shaped like an upside-down heart with a small lens embedded near the point. At the time, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, so I drew three clarifying cards: Air, Water, and Death. Air shows the symbol for air (an upright triangle with a horizontal line through the upper third) filled with clouds and crowned with a golden feather. Water shows the symbol for water (a reversed triangle) filled with a wave cresting and pointing down to a water lily blossom. Death shows a human skull without the lower jaw, with small purple flames in the eye sockets giving off purple smoke, an infinity symbol carved into the brow, and the moon peeking out from above the skull.

Intuition is all about looking deeper, going inside yourself to find answers. This is not an expansive view of the Big Picture, but a drilling down to the tiny details and working up from there.

Air usually represents intellect, logic, rationality. Water, communication, flexibility. Death, in my readings, tends to represent magic or witchcraft, as I don’t do much work with actual death.

I understand now that February is going to be a month of getting down to the nitty-gritty of my life. Starting with the smallest details and working my way out to rearrange things. I’m not entirely sure what the clarifying cards mean, and I get the feeling that they weren’t the answer my deck wanted to give. Now I can tell when I need to shuffle it before laying out the cards, but when I did this spread I didn’t know that.

File_000 (8)

I laid out three clarifying cards now, to see if I’m on the right track with this: Water, Luck (a rabbit’s foot, bound at the cut end with crystals protruding), and Sol (a circle filled with flame).

When I’m trying to align things just so, I tend to get frustrated and give up on the whole endeavor, so I think Water is reminding me to be flexible and not to let myself be overwhelmed by things that don’t work out the way I expect. Luck implies that none of this is guaranteed and that chance plays a part in the outcomes, but it also looks like a dividing line between Water and Sol. Sharp and angular versus perfectly round, water versus fire. Sol always seems to me to be kind of like the baleful eye, hot and glaring. It represents the external here, outside forces balanced against the internal forces of Water which nourishes the little seeds I have planted.

To sum up: February is about making small changes in order to align myself for larger shifts, and I must balance my efforts against the outer world’s pressures that could throw me off or distract me.

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Frigga devotee, Dedicant of Ar nDraiocht Fein

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