What does Arianrhod want of me?

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Luna | Self | Message

The point couldn’t be more clear. The Lady Arianrhod has some important work for me regarding myself. She comes in the darkness, She is the cold light of a billion tiny stars, so vast and yet so impossibly faint. I feel Her in the chill on my skin in the emptiness of a cool spring night. She suggests the outline of the trees by the absence of light they create. We are the spaces between the stars, held together by the light that traces our edges.

We are not always in shadow*, however. The Moon dances into our field of view again and Her radiant eye throws everything into starkly honest relief and the hidden nature of things is revealed. The Illuminated Night is a place of knowledge and terror and beauty.

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Leo / Capricorn

She overwhelms me and I look away in awe (this is awe, indeed). I am the lion-hearted, learning to make my way through the world with the might of my roar, but I cower in the face of Her liminal existence, a type of being Whose very form breaks every rule I’ve ever understood about the universe.

* shadow implies the light that can cast it but these shadows are a true darkness, defined entirely by how much light there isn’t

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Frigga devotee, Dedicant of Ar nDraiocht Fein

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