When it rains, it pours, and then you drown a little

My religious life has become periods of comfortable study interspersed with mad whirls of revelations that leave me reeling and incoherent. This past week-and-a-half has been another one of these whirlwind times and I’m only just now getting the chance to try and write down any of my thoughts.

I suppose I should start at the beginning, but it gets fuzzier the longer I wait to write. There are at least two tales to tell, they weave around each other and tangle together. The Tale of Penny and Hermes, the Tale of the Owls, and the Tale of The Spring Equinox and the Utterly Exhausting-but-Amazing Week That Preceded It.

I’ll start with the latter of the three, as it is the most mundane and lays the foundation for the other two.

My two sisters and I are spread across the northern American continent. One lives in California, another in Illinois, and I myself live in Maryland. We have a virtual living room in the form of a Facebook group chat that measures some 30,000 messages long at last count. This is, of course, inadequate for interacting with two of my most favorite people in the world, and in a fit of mad enthusiasm I suggested that we all meet up for spring break.

Penny’s spring break matched up with mine, but Sam’s was the week after, so we arranged for a few hours overlap when Sam flew in and Penny left and I waited patiently for the break to arrive. In the meantime, my Pagan group planned a spring equinox ritual, I realized my wedding anniversary was the day before that, and we were introduced to Chase’s friend Brooke— a resident of Pennsylvania and only a few hours’ drive from where I live.

March was shaping up to be a hectic month.

To put things into perspective, I want to point out that I’m an officer in three different organizations, two on campus and the Fellowship Beyond the Star. I am, to wildly understate the situation, extremely busy on a regular basis. By the time spring break rolled around, I was half-dead and ready to finish the job.

Penny arrived a night later than planned due to some travel-related fuckery and ended up being varying levels of ill over the course of the week. There was a disastrous experiment involving some fancy brownies the night before we were to drive up to Philadelphia, so that drive ended up being a white-knuckled attempt to transport a Fabergé egg over mountainous terrain in a three-wheeled buggy. I’m glossing over a lot of the details, but the point is that if you’re an unshielded empath who primarily venerates a goddess of mothering and healing, driving someone around who is miserably carsick will put you to the absolute test.

Thankfully you only need to refrigerate Penny for several hours in a dark room and she’s perfectly fine again! We managed to get out to Longwood Gardens (shout out to Brooke’s amazing mom for hooking us up with free passes!) and had far more feels than I ever expected. There’s another story I need to tell you all at some point (that one may have to wait until I finish sorting through the pictures).

We left the next day for Baltimore, to see my husband and prepare for the ritual the next day. Due to some miscommunications, he and I were fussing at each other over the course of the rest of the weekend, so that was fun. The ritual went well and we had a lot of fun there (another post to write!), and we spent Penny’s final day in Maryland shopping for clothes for her.

I managed to oversleep and almost didn’t get to the airport in time to pick up Sam, but we three had a pleasant few hours together before we had to take Penny to the airport and send her on her way. Sam slept for most of the time she was at my place, and called it “the most relaxing place to be”, which is probably the highest compliment I’ve ever received.

I got Sam to her plane on time on Thursday morning, took and survived my Genetics exam, slept the sleep of the damned on Thursday night, and came back up to Baltimore to spend the weekend with my husband. We sorted out everything between us and I finally feel like I managed to bake the fucking cookies these last two weeks.

And that’s just the mundane events. Just wait ’til I get into all the spiritual drama.

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