End of June

June seems to have flown by. Reading my post looking forward to it, it has definitely earned all the faith I had in it. This month has been wonderful for healing. Only one class, and an enjoyable one, at that. No sorority nonsense, no bee club, just myself and my projects and a few friends in various places.

My life has felt wonderfully quiet and satisfying these past few weeks and summer is the best goddamn season of the year.

I’ve dug more into shadow work, haphazardly as always, but now that I have time to interact with both Freyr and Arianrhod I’m putting a lot of things together.

July’s card is Balance, a stag’s head with a human face, with white wings outstretched below it. This card often represents a mentor or teacher, and the stag, in my personal cosmology, shows up as a His agent in Their arrangement. The owl is Hers, hence the wings.

I suspect July will be the month during which I manage to strike the right balance of life-stuff, devotion-stuff, and school-stuff to keep me going until I get done here.

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Frigga devotee, Dedicant of Ar nDraiocht Fein

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