Summer is ending

As we approach the end of August, I breathe a deep sigh of relief. Summer was supposed to be the gasping collapse after I crossed the finish line, but instead I found myself puking out my guts and being carried off the track. Kind of a graphic metaphor, I suppose, but apt.

My card for August was Message. I had drawn three clarifying cards: Travel, Voice, and Guide. Message and Voice are two cards I know well, but Travel and Guide are less familiar.

Over the course of August, I quit my organic chemistry class in order to focus on my own sanity. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and got swept away by the whole concept. I spent two weeks turning my household upside down in pursuit of inner peace, and it turns out I found it. Getting rid of years’ worth of stuff that had been demanding my attention subconsciously really cut down on the amount of noise in my life. Without all that psychic noise, I no longer feel the need to play music constantly or wander around the house in distress, unsure of why I feel like I can’t relax.

Having completed this process, I can’t seem to shut up about it whenever anyone asks (and sometimes when they don’t!). I’ve signed up for the consultants mailing list, so I can become a Konmari consultant and teach other people how to free themselves from stuff they don’t love.

I could see Konmari as the message, with the implication that my desire to teach it to others represented by Voice and Guide. I’d be willing to Travel for Konmari, absolutely, so there’s that.

September’s card is Permanence. I always connect it to writing specifically, or leaving a visible mark on the world more generally. Lately I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for a research series of posts on traditional household skills, female roles in society, kind of in general what was expected of women in a pre-industrial setting. I’d like that to be my project for the month, but I need to really get my thoughts in order and also come up with a catchy title. I’m taking suggestions!

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